Kleinfelder engaged with Blue River to develop a new look and feel for their public website www.kleinfelder.com. Their goals for the project included:

  • Providing a more modern user interface
  • Restructuring the site content to focus on Markets and Services
  • Developing a responsive interface for tablet and phone users
  • Improve content management capabilities throughout

Content and Design Strategy

Blue River collaborated with Kleinfelder's branding team to define a more modern user interface for the site. Design efforts focused on the layout and architecture of the web site as well as introducing more photography and video into the site. Market and Services pages were designed to provide interactive slideshows including photos and videos.

Responsive Interface

Blue River developed a responsive interface for the site so that it adapts to various screen sizes on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. This approach reduced the amount of time Kleinfelder's content team spends on developing web and mobile specific content. 

Content Management

Blue River implemented Mura CMS as the content management system for this project in order to provide Kleinfelder with the ability to manage all of the site content. The Kleinfelder web team is now able to make major updates to the site quickly and without the need of technical intervention.